Looking for a Korean Martial Arts School That Teaches Defence Not Offence?
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Hapkido is a kind of Korean martial art that primarily focuses on defence, instead of offence, and is made to neutralize an opponent using certain techniques. It is also designed to clear and calm people’s spirit, and those that practice it are trying also to develop themselves in different areas. While not as practised as some other martial arts, this form is becoming increasingly popular in the West.

 Hapkido was created from different other martial arts, which have been practised for several years. The form known today is said to be a relatively modern art, with inception dating from around the mid 1900s. The 2 Grand Masters, Yong Sul Choi and Han Jae Ji  are responsible for shaping the discipline, and subsequently bringing it to the West. Some, though, only credit Yong-Sul Choi alone for this discipline. However, both Grand Masters entered the U. S. in the 80s, with the goal of opening a hapkido Korean martial arts school,  and increasing the Western awareness of this art form and were then followed later by other masters looking to preserve the teachings of these men.

 In Korean, hapkido translated means the way of life energy and harmony. Hapkido is created to be an art which will harmonizes ones body energy, while maintaining a non aggressive state. Most martial arts are not aggressive and can be performed by both men and women of all sizes, ages and strength. This form is more about calculated moves instead of sheer strength.

 Hapkido is based on three principles. The first is a circular nature that every motion moves in a round way and activity when sparring is kept within a ball of energy, with the opponents keeping their energy tightly locked within. This art incorporates a river principal, which means flow and easily motion; energy will be kept for just the right moment, similar to a river breaking out.

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